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Developers need to have a checklist of potential problem areas for cross-platform development. Don't use this checklist only when the project is finished. Review it before you begin, and occasionally as the development continues.

  • Lingo— Are you using any commands that might not work on another platform? Will commands that work differently on another platform still perform adequately?

  • Xtras— Are you using Xtras that might not be available on another platform? Do all your Xtras behave the same on each platform?

  • Pathnames— Are you using the colon or backslash (: or \) item delimiters to describe pathnames in your code? If so, does the code recognize when it is running on each platform and adjust as needed?

  • Color palettes— If you are making an 8-bit color presentation, does it work cross-platform if it's set to 8-bit?

  • Fonts— Are you using fields? If so, are the fonts that you are using properly mapped to fonts on the other platform?

  • Text— Do you notice any difference between platforms for your text members? Do any extend too far? Do any need to be precisely lined up with other graphics on the Stage?

  • Screen size— Does your Stage fit in the screen? How about with the Windows taskbar at the bottom? Do you want it to fit inside both browser windows without requiring the users to scroll? Does it?

  • Digital video— Are you using digital video that might work on only one platform? How do you deal with situations in which users do not have the correct extensions, such as QuickTime?

  • Transitions— Some transitions are slower on Windows than on the Mac. Be sure to test all your animations for speed.



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