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Part XI: Appendixes > LINGO REFERENCE


Whenever you have a large, complex programming language such as Lingo, it is useful to have an alphabetical reference. Every Director 8.5 owner already has one in the form of the Lingo Dictionary book that comes with the program, or the Lingo Dictionary in the online help.This appendix is meant to be a complement to the official documents. In many cases I have simpler entries for quick reference, and in some cases I have more detailed entries. I also tried to do a better job of categorizing and cross-referencing than the official manuals.

Here is a description of what each entry contains:

  • Topic— Which part of Director the keyword relates to. This is truly a “topic,” not a “type.” For instance, the systemDate is shown relating to the topic “Date & Time” rather than as a “system property.”

  • Type— Command, function, property, and so on.

  • Description— A short sentence or paragraph to give you an idea of what the keyword is and how to use it.

  • Syntax Sample— A segment of Lingo code that shows the keyword in use. Sometimes it's a complete example, and other times it's a code snippet. The purpose is to quickly relay to the readers how the syntax works. Sometimes I use an … to show a space where you can insert other code into the example. Other times, I use the put command to show the syntax in use in the Message window.

  • See Also— References to other keywords.

  • See Chapter/Appendix— If the keyword is specifically discussed in a chapter, that chapter is listed here. I also refer to chapters that deal with similar keywords or the same topic, even if that specific keyword does not appear in that chapter.

This list also contains some undocumented keywords. Keep in mind that these are unsupported by Macromedia, which means they could disappear in an updated version very easily, and might not work in some situations.



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