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  • If you cannot find some feature mentioned in this chapter, it might be because your copy of Director has its preference settings set in a different way. Many preferences show or hide different features of the authoring environment.

  • It is not uncommon for a developer to create an animation with real-time recording or tweening and not get it quite right the first time. That's what the Delete key is for. Just select the sprites, delete them, and start again.

  • If tweening doesn't seem to be working, check the sprite properties by choosing Modify, Sprite, Tweening. Tweening may simply be turned off for that sprite.

  • If you are exporting animation and are also using more advanced techniques, such as behaviors and other scripting, the changes made by Lingo might not be reflected in the exported animation. Exporting is really just for Score animation, not Lingo animation.

  • Getting little white edges around images set to Background Transparent or Matte ink? These appear when the image is anti-aliased around the edges to white, which happens very often. You can either manually edit these pixels out of the image, or use PhotoShop to create images with an alpha-channel that will properly anti-alias the edges.

  • Does your animation play too fast on some machines or too slow on others? Choose a frame rate that your target machine can handle. Many older PCs cannot handle more than a few frames per second when many bitmaps with different inks are used.



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