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Setting Up the Multiuser Server

Using the Multiuser Behaviors

Learning Basic Multiuser Lingo

Creating Your Own Multiuser Application

Using Peer-To-Peer Connections

Using the Multiuser Database

Using UDP

Using Server-Side Lingo

Source movies for this chapter can be found on the CD-ROM in the “Book Movies” folder under folder 37. Note that some of the files are in Director 8.0 format, while others need to be in Director 8.5 format.

Director 8.5 comes with the Shockwave Multiuser Server version 3.0, a program that enables you to connect your users to one another over the Internet. For Director, Shockwave, and Projectors, a Multiuser Xtra provides this connectivity. The server itself is a compact program that runs on a Mac or Windows machine with a dedicated Internet connection.

Shipping with Director 8.5 is version 3.0 of the Multiuser Server. An even newer version might be available by the time you read this. Check Macromedia's site to download an upgrade. You should always upgrade to the latest version.

The Multiuser Server can be used to send information to and from users, connect users with chat-room and whiteboard applications, and even make multiplayer games.

This chapter serves as an introduction to and an overview of the capabilities of the Multiuser Server and Xtra. There are also some examples of the server and Xtra at work. To write a complete reference would almost require another book. Macromedia's own documentation takes up quite a bit of space. With this chapter as a starting point and the official documentation as a reference guide, you should be able to use the Multiuser Server and Xtra to create a variety of applications.



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