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  • Remember that when you use the Message window to change a 3D world, you often need to use updateStage to see the change take effect on the screen.

  • The result of the translate and rotate commands depends on whether you are applying these commands directly on the model, or if it is on the model's transform property.

  • Different 3D graphics programs produce different default settings in the Shockwave 3D file. For instance, sometimes the z-axis is vertical and other times the y-axis is vertical.

  • When using the Havok physics engine, always remember to use realistic values. If you have a huge object that has a mass of 1 and a small object that has a mass of 1,000, then you can only expect unusual results.

  • Either the Director 8.5 documentation is wrong, or there is a bug: You must use the drag property of a particle system to make wind have any effect at all.

  • Particle systems are cool, but they are also expensive. If you add a few particle systems to your world, you will find that your movie runs very slowly on slower machines. Try particle systems that have very few particles and a short lifetime to speed things up.

  • Always remember to use a resetWorld command at the start of your movie or behavior. Otherwise, conditions in the world will persist from play to play and you may end up with different results for that if you started the movie fresh. Also, you will get errors when you try to create models and model resources that are already in place from the previous play.

  • Sometimes rendering with software mode can produce significantly different results from using DirectX or OpenGL. If you are forced to author in software mode, make sure you test often on a machine with DirectX or OpenGL. Alternatively, if you are using a machine with DirectX or OpenGL, switch to software mode every once and a while to test.

  • In my tests, the wireframe and point shaders do not work in software mode.

  • Bones player animations are extremely difficult to get working. At the time of this writing, only 3D Studio Max version 3.2 can be used to create them, and Character Studio is needed to make the work tolerable. I have seen a few examples of bones player animation working, but have yet to get it working myself.

  • Remember that speed is always an issue. When you use 3D Lingo, be sure to test often on a basic computer that has your minimum requirements for playing the finished product.



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