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46 Chapter 4. Understanding the Server Technology: Active Server Pages In this chapter Introduction to Active Server Pages The Response Object The Request Object The Session, Application, and Server Objects Databases and ASP Summary Introduction to Active Server Pages UltraDev supports ASP, one of the most popular technologies for creating dynamic Web applica- tions. Dynamic Web applications require a server that can process requests generated dynamically by a browser. The browser can request either static or dynamic content from the Web server. Whereas the Web server can send static HTML pages that have been requested by the browser, it cannot send dynamic content unless an application server associated with a server technology, such as ASP, is installed on it. In the context of dynamic Web applications, the role of the Web server is to process an ASP page and send the results to the browser. To create dynamic Web applications from UltraDev, you need a Web server, which runs an application server that supports ASP pages. ASP pages can run on Web servers such as Internet Information Server (IIS) and Personal Web Server (PWS). (PWS is a scaled-down version of IIS.) Whereas you can only install IIS on Windows NT and Windows 2000, you can install PWS on Windows 95, 98, and NT Work- station. UltraDev supports ASP 2.0. To use ASP 2.0 with UltraDev, you must install IIS 4.0 on a Windows NT Server. You can also use ASP 3.0 with UltraDev if you have access to IIS 5.0, which ships with Windows 2000. Note To use ASP without IIS or PWS, you can use products such as iASP and Chili!ASP. These products can run on Web servers such as Apache, Java Web Server, and Netscape En- terprise Server. ASP allows you to write code with embedded application logic that performs the tasks involved in generating dynamic content. These tasks involve connecting to databases and retrieving informa- tion from them. With ASP technology, you can write ASP pages, which are programs or scripts embedded in an HTML page. These programs are also known as server-side scripts, as they run on a Web server.