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Part VI: Appendixes > ASP Sites

ASP Sites

Table B.2. Synopsis of ASP Web Sites
Site Synopsis
http://www.stardeveloper.com Provides articles and tutorials on ASP and JSP. In addition, it provides tutorials on creating and using COM components.
http://hotwired.lycos.com/webmonkey/98/39/index2a.html?tw=programming Provides an introduction by Kevin Cooke to Active Server Pages and syntax used in ASP.
http://www.aspin.com Provides information, reference books, and Web sites on ASP pages. The information in this Web site caters to different audiences, beginner to advanced.
http://www.4guysfromrolla.com Provides the latest updates and reference Web sites on ASP. It also provides articles on ASP, some ASP coding tips, and FAQs about ASP.
http://msdn.Microsoft.com/workshop/server/asp/ASPover.asp Provides information about the Microsoft server technology, ASP. It also provides information about the built-in COM objects and methods supported by ASP.
http://www.w3schools.com/asp Provides information about how the ASP server technology lets you create dynamic and interactive Web pages. On this site, you will find complete information about built-in COM objects and components and their properties and methods. In addition, this site includes a quiz on ASP to test your level of understanding. You can refer to this site for simple examples of the objects in ASP.
http://www.trainingtools.com/online/ASP/index.htm Provides an introduction to the ASP technology and the Common Gateway Interface (CGI). In addition, it provides information about the commonly used built-in objects in ASP, VBScript, and server-side scripting.
http://www.asptoday.com Provides recent updates on ASP. This site is a daily knowledge site for professional ASP programmers.
http://www.asp101.com Provides detailed information about ASP. In addition, it provides articles, tutorials, and FAQs on ASP and sample code on ASP and related technologies.
http://www.Chilisoft.com/products/ Provides information about ChiliSoft ASP.
http://www.learnasp.com Provides a list of free ASP components, book reviews, tutorials, links to other ASP sites, and popular database tutorials.
http://www.asphole.com Provides tutorials, articles, and reference materials on ASP.
http://www.cfvault.com/index.cfm/mode/DisplayTutorial/TuUUID/402546EF-8CF1-11D4-93D100D0B765C726 Provides a guide to Cold Fusion error handling by Stephen Tual.



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