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Chapter 7. Creating Sites and Documents > Creating a New Site - Pg. 91

Creating Sites and Documents 91 The next step is to decide on the folder structure. Before you begin to create a site in UltraDev, you should create a folder structure on paper and decide which components of the Web site that will go into each folder. You can also decide on the subfolders that you want to create within your main folder so that you can place related elements in these subfolders. Provide meaningful names for the folders so that you can identify them easily. For example, if you are planning to create a Web site that allows people to buy books in a variety of categories online, you can create folders that correspond to each category of the books that will be displayed on the site. You can name each of these folders after the category of the books, such as fiction, science, arts, and so on. It is best to keep these names short and simple. Planning for a Sample Site Consider the example of the bookseller Web site in a little more detail. Such a Web site will cater to a global audience with varied preferences regarding the type of books that they want to buy. Such a site is an ideal candidate for the incorporation of dynamic features. When you plan for this site, you need to decide on the server technology that you will use to develop the site and the features that the Web site will have. Because your site caters to a global audience, it is possible that the site will reach a huge number of users as it becomes popular. Therefore, the Web site needs to be hosted on a robust Web server that can handle simultaneous requests from a large number of users. The choice of server technology depends on the Web server on which the site will be hosted. You can use the ASP, JSP, and ColdFusion technologies on both Windows and non-Windows servers. Non-Windows servers support third-party implementations of ASP. JSP is available on a large number of both Windows and non-Windows servers. Windows, Solaris, and Linux Web servers support ColdFusion. If scalability is an issue, ColdFusion is a better choice than ASP. If portability