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Project 7. Using Flash in Dreamweaver > Editing Library Items

Editing Library Items

Time to insert the HTML elements that will host the navigation bar driven by Flash Objects.

With your new Library Item still open, switch back to Design view.

Select Insert > Layout Objects > Div Tag. The Insert Div Tag dialog appears, letting you specify the CSS Class you want to attach to your <div> tag and the layer’s ID. Because no CSS file has been linked to this document, both the Class and the ID list menus are empty.

Type flashnavigation into the ID field, and click the OK button.

Giving an ID to the layer helps you identify it as a distinct element of the page it is inserted into. In addition to this, because the CSS Style provided with this project contains an ID selector for flashnavigation, the layer ID eases the positioning of every instance of this Library Item throughout the site.

When you click OK, the <div> tag is inserted and a sentence saying Content for id "flashnavigation" goes here is added to the flashnav.lbi document.


CSS ID selectors are used on a per-element basis and refer to the ID attribute in HTML code.

Delete the sentence Content for id "flashnavigation goes here", and click on the Table button in the Common category of the Insert bar. The Insert Table dialog appears, offering twice the options it did in Dreamweaver MX, thanks to the addition of graphical elements that let you easily identify each part or attribute of the HTML table to be inserted into the document.

Enter the following values into the Insert Table dialog:

Rows: 1

Columns: 3

Table Width: 100%

Border Thickness: 0

Cell Padding: 3

Cell Spacing: 0

These settings create a simple, three-column table with a 3-pixel space between the cells’ content and the cells’ boundaries.

Click OK to insert the table.

Save your work.



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