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Preparing to Work

To prepare for this project, you will need to do the following:

Install the DWMagic Mailer.MXP extension located on the CD in the Projects/08/Extensions folder. See Appendix A, “Installing Extensions,” for instructions.

Create a site that has a server model set to any of the following: ColdFusion, ASP VBScript, or PHP.

Be sure to set appropriate information in the Testing Server category of the Site Definitions dialog to a hosting account where you have email capabilities so that you can upload your pages for testing when the project is completed. For an ASP VBScript site, the hosting account must have the CDONTS mailer component available for your use.

If you already have a site defined with a ColdFusion, ASP VBScript, or PHP MySQL server model that you’d like to use, then open that site and create the project’s files within that site.

Optional: Copy the appropriate files for your server model from Projects/08/finished into your site to see examples of completed pages for each server model.

Prior to testing any of the pages in the finished folder, make sure that you make changes to the email addresses used in the example pages. Go to the “Editing an Existing Server Behavior” section near the end of this chapter for information on how to make changes.

In the Files panel, ensure that the site created in step 2 is the active site.

Create the Contact Us page by choosing File > New. On the General tab of the New Document dialog, select Dynamic Page in the Category field. Choose the type of dynamic page for your server model from the list on the right. Click Create.

For the duration of this project, we’ll be using ColdFusion. You might want to follow along using ASP VBScript or PHP, using the appropriate file extensions (.asp and .php, respectively) in place of the ColdFusion file extension (.cfm).

If you are interested in creating XHTML pages, prior to clicking the Create button, check the box next to Make XHTML Compliant in the lower right of the New Document dialog.

Save the file as contact.cfm with your site.

Give contact.cfm a title of Contact Us in the Title field of the Document toolbar.

Repeat steps 8 through 10, titling the file Thank You and saving it as thankyou.cfm.



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