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Project 8. Sending a Form to Email > Build a Form-to-Email Processing Page with...

Build a Form-to-Email Processing Page with Server Behaviors

Now that your completed form is connected to the soon-to-be form processing page, you need to build the proper functionality into thankyou.cfm so that it can send an email with the values the site visitor entered into the form in contact.cfm. First, you’ll insert some text into the form processor page that thanks the visitor for filling out the contact form. Then, you will need to add some code that can process the form entries and send out an email for use by DWMagic Video Rentals staff. You could hand-code everything needed to accomplish the task, but there’s no magic in that. An extension can do the grunt work for you—all you need to do is to specify a couple of options, and your form processing page is complete.

Open thankyou.cfm.

Type Thank you for contacting DWMagic Video Rentals. Press Enter to start a new paragraph, then type As soon as a movie that matches your preferences arrives, we will inform you.

Open the Server Behaviors panel by using Window > Server Behaviors (Ctrl+F9/Cmd+F9).

Click the (+;) button on the Server Behaviors panel to display a list of available Server Behaviors and select DWMagic > DWMagic CF Mailer.

If you are using one of the other server models, then the proper selection here will be DWMagic ASP_VB Mailer or DWMagic PHP Mailer.

In the DWMagic CF Mailer dialog, enter an email address to have the form submission sent to (in this example, suggestions@dwmagic.com) in the To Email field, then enter the from address (in this example, webform@dwmagic.com) in the From Email field, and Web form submission in the Subject field.

Use valid email addresses in the To Email and From Email fields that are appropriate for your clients or your company. The To field is the address that you want the form’s entries sent to, and the From field is the address that you want the email to appear to be sent from.

Save, and then upload contact.cfm and thankyou.cfm to your remote site.

Browse to contact.cfm, fill out the form, then click the Submit button.

Check the email box for the address that you entered in the To Email field of the DWMagic CF Mailer dialog.



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