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Project 8. Sending a Form to Email > Placing Buttons to Submit and Reset the Fo...

Placing Buttons to Submit and Reset the Form

When your visitors have finished filling out your form, they need some way in which to send the information on to you—the submit button. They also may need a method with which to start over again if they gave incorrect information—the reset button.

In the right column of the last row, insert a button by clicking the Button button in the Insert bar. Delete Submit from the Button name field.

You’re deleting the name in this field because of the way forms work. When the form is submitted, if the submit button has a name, that name is sent along with the other field names and their values to the processing page. Because the script in the processing page will be sending all the names of the fields and their values to an email address, there is no need to also send the name of the submit button, as that isn’t relevant information to the recipient.


Input buttons inserted through the Insert bar are by default submit buttons. Look in the Property inspector immediately after inserting a button and you’ll see the Submit Form option selected. You’ll also see that you have the option to change the button to a reset button by selecting Reset Form. When a form is viewed online and there is a reset button, clicking that button will return the form to the same state that it was in when the page first loaded. You also have the option to change the button type to None, which means the button doesn’t perform an action whatsoever. This last type is often used to apply custom JavaScript functionality to a form, such as adding fields together or opening browser windows.

Next to the submit button, insert another button from the Insert bar, and in the Property inspector for that button, select Reset Form.

Save contact.cfm, then upload contact.cfm and thankyou.cfm. Preview contact.cfm to see if there are any noticeable errors. Click the Submit button.

If the browser is taken to thankyou.cfm when you click Submit, then you have correctly hooked up the contact form to the as-yet non-functioning processing page.



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