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Project 2. Creating Toggle-O-Matic Menus > Containing the Menu with <div> Tags - Pg. 31

Creating Toggle-O-Matic Menus 31 5. Click OK. Don't be alarmed because you don't see any submenus in Design view. You'll be able to edit your submenus after you've completed the next section. Do the same for the second and third menus, using secondSubMenu and thirdSubMenu as the value in the ID field. Be sure to insert them after their respective menu buttons. Save your work. Note 6. 7. Design Time CSS to the Rescue With div.divSubMenu in menus.css set to display:none;, you won't be able to see the sub- menus in Design view. If you're inclined to do so, you're more than welcome to edit the submenus in Code view, but it will be easier in Design view. You could modify menus.css while you're working every time you need to see submenus, but that would be a hassle. Instead you can take advantage