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Preparing to Work

To prepare for this project, you will need to do the following:

Install IIS if you are going to test your files locallly.

Install the .NET framework SDK setup, which can be found online at www.dwmagic.com/go/8. The setup is very straightforward. Accept all of the default options by clicking Next through each step of the installation.

Install the extension MXMagic Upload.mxp, located in the Projects/10/Extensions folder on the accompanying CD. See Appendix A, “Installing Extensions,” for more information.

Import the example files included on the accompanying CD in the Projects/10 directory. This includes the XML file that you will be creating, the example files, a click-through Access database, and some sample image banners you can use. With the software installed, you can set up the site in IIS and Dreamweaver.

Create a Virtual Directory in IIS called advoodoo.

Open the IIS Admin Snap-In by choosing Start > Control Panel, click Performance and Maintenance, click Administrative Tools, and then double-click Internet Information Services.

Right-click the <computername>/Web Sites/Default Web Site node, and choose New > Virtual Directory.

In the Virtual Directory Creation Wizard, enter advoodoo for the Alias and click Next. This will allow you to access the project using http://localhost/advoodoo.

Point the alias to the directory on your local machine where you copied the project files. Click the Browse button, browse to the correct folder, and click Next. Click Next on the next screen to accept the defaults and then click Finish.

Create a site in Dreamweaver using the ASP.NET C# or VB server model.



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