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Validating the Template

You should know that Dreamweaver MX Template markup will fail validation especially when using template expressions. So what do you do to validate the template for Accessibility, XHTML, and CSS? Follow these steps:

Create a new page from the template (this is often referred to as creating an instance page or child page) using File > New > Templates Tab: choose Site “Project 04” and Template project04. Make sure to have a check in the Update Page When Template Changes check box or the generated page will not be a template instance and will not update when the template changes. Click the Create button to create the page and close the dialog.

Immediately save the page in the root folder of the site, leaving it as Untitled-x.htm, where “x” may be any digit depending on your use of Dreamweaver MX 2004 this session. This properly updates paths to links, images, and attached stylesheets.

Add two repeating region entries by selecting the Repeating Region MUI + button twice.

Choose Modify > Template Properties and change the parameter values to:

Access_SubLinkTitle: Test Page

Comment_Mod_Date:[use today’s date]

Meta_Author: [use your name]

Meta_Description: Sample Description

Meta_Keywords: sample,keywords

PageNumber: 2

Click the OK button to affect the change and close the dialog.

Save the page, and preview it by pressing F12.

Upload the page and the site assets to your server and validate the URL by pointing your browser to the domain.

Once you’re satisfied with the validation results (the child pages should validate fine with some manual checks required by Bobby), you’re all done. Take this opportunity to see what the pages will look like with an over state and a normally linked submenu item in your browser.

Hand off what you’ve created to the client—with some minor instructions that are covered in the next section.

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