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About the Magic Series

About the Magic Series

How to Make the Most of This Book

This book has been created with special elements in order to make your experience with the manuscript more productive.

  • Each project opens with a statement from the author explaining why he or she chose this particular technique or project to share with you and how it will help you in your work. You’ll also get a quick, illustrated overview of the project in the section called “It Works Like This.”

  • Before you start diving into each project, there are several tasks you need to complete in order to prepare your workspace and files. This is covered in the “Preparing to Work” sections.

  • At the end of each project, a section called “Now Try This” suggests other ways to apply the methods you’ve learned, or ways to adapt the project you’ve just completed, whether it’s building on the project itself or swapping out some functionality.

  • In addition to the code listings and exercise files on the accompanying CD-ROM, you’ll find videos that clearly demonstrate step by step all the procedures you need to complete in order to create the projects.

Conventions Used in This Book

As you work through the projects, keep in mind the following conventions we’ve used:

  • Project files and folders provided on the accompanying CD appear in the text like this: bold.

  • Many of the techniques in this book require adding or altering some code. All code is highlighted and identified in the text with a listing number (such as Listing 2.3). To apply the code, you can either enter it yourself or locate the listing on the CD, then copy and paste it into your project. To copy the code for a project from the CD, go to that project’s Code listings folder and open the corresponding listing text file. For example, the code file for Listing 2.3 is identified on the CD as listing02-03.txt.

  • The symbol appearing in code indicates that the line of code continues on the next line. If you are entering that code by hand, you should simply type it in as one line, without the continuation symbol.

  • Text you are asked to enter into fields or code listings will appear like this: underscored.

  • Text that appears inside code listings will appear in a special font, like this: code.

  • Commands and keyboard shortcuts for both Windows and Mac are included throughout the projects. The Windows option is listed first, then its Mac equivalent, like this: Ctrl/Cmd+B, which means “Hold down the Control key on Windows and press the B key, or on the Mac, press Command and B.”

    Enjoy creating the magic!

    —The New Riders Staff

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