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Publishing the Page

The final step when modifying a web page is to publish it to the web. The publishing process copies files from your computer to the website computer—a process that Contribute handles automatically for you after you select Publish.

Test Drive 1.6 Put Your Page on the Web

You've created a new page, modified it, and now you're ready to publish:

If necessary, reopen the draft of your About Me page by selecting it from the Pages panel.

Make sure that there are no more changes you would like to make before publishing.

Select Publish from the toolbar.

Contribute warns you that you are publishing an unlinked page. In this case, it's okay because a link to this page will be created in a later Test Drive.

Choose Yes to continue publishing.

In the Publish New Page dialog box, enter an appropriate filename for your page in the Filename field.

Contribute suggests a name based on your title. To avoid conflicts with other Test Drive users, consider adding a number, such as your telephone extension, to the filename, like this: AboutMeJosephLowery1234.htm. Be sure to keep .htm as the file extension.

When you're ready, select Publish.

Contribute then transfers the files from your computer to the website's computer and tells you when it's successful. Click OK and Contribute displays the published page from the website. Click the link to your favorite website to try it out. You can, of course, reach this page from any other browser that is connected to the web.



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