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Chapter Checklist

  1. What do you really need?

    Take the time to discover what you really need CMS to do; don't pay for solutions to problems you don't have.

  2. Does your CMS selection work with the tech skills you have on staff?

    Make sure that as you select a CMS, you have a good inventory of what your technological expertise is. If you go for a system that requires tech skills that you do not have in-house, your investment will be wasted.

  3. Be creative.

    Be creative about finding and tweaking tools available to you. Resources that are already at your disposal, such as server-side includes, might be enough solution for now. If you can save money by holding off on a CMS because you have a tool that works well enough, all the better.

  4. Do-it-yourself CMS.

    Remember, too, that you can develop your own CMS. You might want to start small, creating a CMS that manages a boutique size site, and then move on to larger applications with more features. You will find that no CMS tool meets every one of your business needs, and you might spend time modifying any CMS you invest in. If you can't find a CMS that does exactly what you need, you might just want to develop your own system.

  5. Automate as much as you can.

    CMS can save expensive admin time. Try to analyze how much mental and administrative work you do trying to manage a site, and think about how a CMS could save you money. If you have a labor-intensive, manual version-control system, you might be wasting money that a CMS could help you save.

  6. Consider open-source CMS.

    Open-source CMS tools can be had for free (or for not much money) under an open-source license and can save you big bucks. If you select an open-source option, make sure that it has an active developer community, that your developers (that might be you!) like working with it, and that the application can scale as your site grows.

Here form is content, content is form.

—Samuel Beckett speaking of Finnegan's Wake.



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