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Chapter 2. Meeting Accessibility Require... > Understanding Federal Accessibility ...

Understanding Federal Accessibility Requirements

In all, 16 different specific guidelines make up Section 508 as they pertain to web-based intranet and Internet information and applications. The guidelines cover everything from commonplace images to timed tests for online learning. The letter designations (a) through (n) are referenced in Dreamweaver validation reports, as discussed later in this chapter. The following table gives a quick overview of all the sections and the HTML elements that are most affected:

Guideline Area HTML Elements Affected
1194.22(a) Non-text elements <img> tags; alt, longdesc attributes
1194.22(b) Multimedia presentations Flash, QuickTime, Real and Windows Media Player movies
1194.22(c) Color <img> and <font> tags; color attributes
1194.22(d) Style sheets Cascading Style Sheets, code layout
1194.22(e) Server-side image maps <map> and <a> tags
1194.22(f) Client-side image maps <map> tags
1194.22(g) Table—Simple headers <table>, <th>, and <td> tags
1194.22(h) Table—Complex headers <table>, <th>, and <td> tags
1194.22(i) Frames <frameset> and <frame> tags; name attribute
1194.22(j) Screen flicker <script> tags
1194.22(k) Text-only page Page layout
1194.22(l) Scripted pages <script> tags, data-driven pages
1194.22(m) Applets and plug-ins <embed>, <object>, and <applet> tags
1194.22(n) Forms <input> and <label> tags; accesskey attributes
1194.22(o) Navigation links <a> and named anchor tags
1194.22(p) Timed responses <form> and <input> tags



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