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Acknowledgments - Pg. x

x Acknowledgments This book, as my dad used to say, has been a long row to hoe. I'd like to express my gratitude to those who helped with the cultivation. First and foremost on that list is my agent, Laura Belt, who helped me shape the Beyond idea and give it form. I also want to extend my warmest appreciation to Steve Jacobs and Lon Coley, who toiled on this book as Technical Editors under the most arduous circumstances. Joe Marini did a great job uncovering some of Dreamweaver's better buried secrets, and I really appreciate his expertise and skill. My good friend Massimo Foti also had a significant impact on the book as he has on the Dreamweaver community as a whole; a special thank you to him for intro- ducing me to the talents of Edoardo Zubler--I hope we all get to work together in the near future. Additional thank you's go out to Bob Regan, Paolo Brajnik, and Jason Taylor of UsableNet for their time and efforts in clarifying accessibility issues. Tim Kennedy, author of SMIL: Adding Multimedia to the Web, was likewise helpful in regard to that technology. I owe a gaggle of folks at New Riders a thank you. Jeff Schultz, my original Acquisitions Editor, was also tremendously supportive and, occasionally, pretty funny. Added thanks to David Dwyer and Chris Nelson for listening to my notions and indulging my questions. Jennifer Eberhardt contributed much of the hands-on work in tending this little patch of promise; she, like the best gardeners, exhibits tremendous patience and judicious, but ruthless editing ability. Special thanks to Linda Bump for stepping in mid-project; I'm sure we'll have lots of opportunities to plant other seeds and see them through to daylight. Finally, all the best to the wonderful Dreamweaver team. I can't thank you enough for providing the one seed from which this entire garden of productivity has grown.