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Part I: Planning Your Project > Instructional Design 101

Chapter 1. Instructional Design 101


Introducing the ADDIE Instructional Design Model

Exploring Analysis: The A in ADDIE

Identifying Performance Problems and Creating Goals

Know Your Audience: Audience Analysis

Exploring Design: The First D in ADDIE

Creating Learning Objectives and Assessment Questions

Designing the Storyboard

Exploring Development: The Second D in ADDIE

Developing Templates and Course Structure

Developing Media Elements

Developing the Pilot Project

Producing the Online Learning Application Web Site

Exploring Implementation: The I in ADDIE

Delivering the Course to the Learner

Understanding Learning Management Systems

Exploring Evaluation: The E in ADDIE

Determining Return on Investment

Evaluating Data

Planning for Revisions and Updates

An instructional team spends most of its time designing and planning (not developing) an online training or eLearning application. Although this book covers the development of online learning applications, this chapter introduces you to instructional concepts and instructional design. Because all the instructional phases are interdependent, it’s important that you are familiar with and have respect for the phases that others carry out. The success of your instructional project requires attention to more than just the development phase, the main subject of this book.



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