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Chapter 13. monitoring & evolving your site > measuring traffic - Pg. 258

monitoring & evolving your site 258 email links--Email yields mixed results as a source of new users, but it's an essential tool for en- couraging repeat customers. In fact, email newsletters and updates are the single most important source of traffic to many sites. Content sites, in particular, rely on email to bring in up to 50% of daily traffic. But every site--regardless of focus--should use email to keep existing users coming back. See email strategies, p. 282. ad banners and paid links--The staple of online marketing, ad banners are an admittedly blunt tool for increasing traffic. But they do work, and--combined with their simpler cousin, paid links--they're probably the best "buyable" tool for raising awareness and attracting new users. See online adver- tising, p. 294. typed-in URLs--There's nothing better than someone who knows exactly what he wants--and it's you. Or your site, anyway. A good portion of users will arrive after simply typing your URL (or web address) into their browsers. Maybe they heard about your site in a newspaper article. Maybe a friend recommended it. Or maybe they just thought to themselves, "I wonder if anyone has the site, Whatever the motivation, enjoy it when it happens. "favorites" lists--It's always nice to be someone's favorite. But the best thing about being added to someone's "Favorites" list (which is integrated into the Internet Explorer browser) is that it gives them a slightly better chance of remembering your site and a much better chance of finding you, once they decide to return. start pages--When a user makes your site her start page--meaning the first site that appears on her browser every time she starts it up--it's a great coup. It means a guaranteed pageview for your site every time she goes online, and a great chance that she'll use your site for her immediate online needs. getting to the source