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Section: 2 designing your site > organization & navigation - Pg. 93

93 Chapter 6. organization & navigation "Information...Information..." don't miss ... 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Structuring your site 6 ways to organize your site Creating site maps & schematics 12 navigation systems Action section: How will your site be organized? Why section names should be clear, not clever In many ways, web design is organization and navigation. Although visual flourishes--such as color, imagery, and style--might get more attention, it's the structure of the site that determines its suc- cess. A well-organized site will lead users effortlessly toward their goals, because its sections correspond with their needs. Its language makes sense to them, and its navigation is consistent and clear. But a poorly organized site (one that was built hastily, or with only the owner's needs in mind) will confuse users, and inadvertently keep them from the information or services they need.