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Part III: Appendixes > Buttons - Pg. 340

Macromedia User Interface Guidelines 340 Figure B.16. The Keyboard Shortcuts Editor, showing the use of tree controls. Buttons The buttons referred to here are those that Dreamweaver inserts into dialog boxes for objects, behaviors, and commands. You have no control over how these buttons look, other than to specify the text labels that appear in command buttons. Buttons In Objects and Behaviors For dialog boxes belonging to objects and behaviors, OK and Cancel buttons are supplied automatically by Dreamweaver. A Help button will be supplied automatically if you include the displayHelp() function in your code. Because you have no control over any of these, there are no user interface guidelines for them. Buttons In Commands For commands, Dreamweaver places whatever buttons you specify along the right edge of the dialog box. Because you determine which buttons appear and in which order, they are subject to interface requirements and suggestions. In particular: