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Chapter 4. Working with Text > Special Characters

Special Characters

When working with text, you will no doubt encounter a need for special characters such as accented letters, copyright symbols, or the angle brackets used to enclose HTML elements. To use such characters in an HTML document, they must be represented in the HTML by special codes that take the form &code, in which code is a word or numeric code indicating the actual character you need to display onscreen.

There are hundreds of special characters; this discussion focuses on the set provided by Dreamweaver.

How to Use Special Characters

To add a special character to your document in Dreamweaver, follow these steps:

On the Insert bar, choose the Characters tab (see Figure 4.14).

Figure 4.14. Inserting special characters with the Insert bar.

The Insert bar then offers you a series of icons that represent some of the most commonly used special characters. Click the character you want to use and it will appear in your text. If you switch to HTML Code view, you can see the code as it appears in the text.

An alternative method is to choose Insert > Special Characters from the Dreamweaver main menu.

If the special character you need is not listed, click the Insert Other Character icon, also located in the Insert bar, adjacent to the TM icon (see Figure 4.14). You also can use the Insert pull-down menu from the main menu bar and select Special Characters > Other.

This option results in a new window from which you can choose a special character (see Figure 4.15). When you click a character icon, it will appear in the text field box at the top of the window. You also can type your own special character code into the box.

Figure 4.15. The Insert Other Character dialog box.


You might find yourself using a special character frequently that isn’t included with the set provided in the Insert bar. Adding a special character to the Insert bar is not difficult and is covered in Chapter 36, “Creating Extensions.”

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