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Part IV: Extending Your Administrative C... > Developing a Database Administration...

Chapter 11. Developing a Database Administration Site

One of the organizations that I worked with recently discovered just how convenient a database administration site can be. The organization has a centrally located headquarters building and several satellite offices in different parts of the city. Because of the organization’s limited funding and access to technology, for the last few years the employees in the satellite offices have been using modems to dial in to a server in order to update their client records, which were stored in an Access database. Unfortunately, even when they were connecting at 56.6 Kbps, the process was painfully slow because they had to open the entire Access database before they could even begin to manipulate the data. At times, it took 10 to 15 minutes just to open the database, and once the database was open, just scrolling through the records seemed to take forever.

Having worked with Web-based databases before, I suggested to the director of the organization that purchasing a copy of UltraDev, adding Web services to their server, and developing a database administration site could save the outlying offices a lot of time and headaches. After working with the offices for a couple of weeks to determine their needs, I’m pleased to say that, using their new database administration site developed in UltraDev, each office is now able to perform in minutes the same tasks that used to take them hours.

To demonstrate just how quickly you can develop a database administration site using UltraDev, this chapter shows you how to do the following:

  • Build the foundation for your administration site

  • Add search capabilities

  • Add, edit, and delete records from a database

  • Test the functionality of the administration site



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