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Part III: Developing a Data-Driven Web S... > Adding Dynamic Images and Text to Se...

Chapter 10. Adding Dynamic Images and Text to Search Results

Imagine what it would be like to maintain and update the content for a high-traffic Web site like Amazon.com. Amazon.com maintains millions of products in their databases, and each product has its own descriptive information and accompanying images. On top of that, the volume of new products that are added to the site’s pages on a daily basis must be staggering.

Now, imagine that you had to maintain those pages without the help of a single database. The task of building and maintaining a separate page for each product would be nearly impossible—even for an army of Web developers coding 24 hours a day. Luckily, database-connectivity offers Web developers the ability to simply add the product information to their database and draw upon that data as their Web pages require. UltraDev makes it extremely easy to generate the necessary code.

As you have seen in some of the previous chapters, UltraDev is capable of adding behaviors to your pages that retrieve the location of an image from a database and display that image in a results page. In addition, you’ve seen how easy it is to extract text from a database field and place it in a page.

As this chapter demonstrates, UltraDev is capable of building code that does more than just display images and text. Using some advanced SQL queries in combination with server behaviors, UltraDev is also capable of adding rotating graphics, recordset navigation links that appear and disappear when necessary, and record counters that allow you and your visitors to track the number of records returned by a recordset.

To highlight these capabilities, this chapter demonstrates some of these features and shows you how to do the following:

  • Add rotating images and text to your pages

  • Insert time-dependent images and text

  • Build dynamic elements that navigate search results

  • Add a dynamic record counter to your page



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