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Chapter 4. Building an UltraDev Site fro... > Verifying Your Links and Identifying...

Verifying Your Links and Identifying Orphaned Pages

Have you ever been showing off your Web site to a friend or colleague only to stumble across a broken link? If you’re like I used to be, I would get all embarrassed and spend the next couple of hours just clicking on links to make sure they all worked. Fortunately, those days are a thing of the past. By taking advantage of the site management features UltraDev has to offer, you can check all your links automatically in a matter of seconds.

In addition, you can quickly determine what files are located on your server or local folder that have been orphaned—meaning that no other page is linked to them.

Exercise 4.9 Identifying Broken Links and Orphaned Pages

Open the Site window for the InsideUD4 you created earlier. From the Site menu, choose Check Links Sitewide. UltraDev provides a report similar to the one in Figure 4.22.

Figure 4.22. UltraDev can check your links and orphaned files for you.

To see the files that have been orphaned, choose Orphaned Files from the Show drop-down menu.

If you would like to see a list of links that are not part of your site, but are linked to your site, select External Links from the Show dropdown.

Close the Link Checker dialog box.


Changing Links Throughout a Site Have you ever built multiple pages using the same page design, only to discover later that one of the links was incorrect? This is no longer a worry either. If you discover that one of your links is incorrect for several of your pages, just choose the Change Link Sitewide from the Site menu and specify how the improper link should be replaced.

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