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Part II: Building a Solid Foundation > UltraDev’s Graphic and Multimedia Capabi...

Chapter 6. UltraDev’s Graphic and Multimedia Capabilities

When it comes to building a Web site, one aspect I really enjoy is finding ways to bring the pages to life through graphics and multimedia. While static images and text may offer functionality and speed, they rarely provide the “wow” effect that elements such as rollover buttons, Flash movies, and sounds generate.

I do, however, recognize that too much eye-candy can cause problems. Although I love the look and feel of a well-designed, graphically rich Web site, I have also visited sites that have bombarded me with awful MIDI renditions of pop favorites or took way too long to download graphics or movie files. Therefore, when designing pages, I always try to balance the utility of the dynamic element with its functionality and use the element only when it will benefit the page’s design without detracting from the visitor’s experience.

Fortunately, UltraDev 4 offers quite a few options when it comes to managing and inserting graphics and multimedia content into your pages. Whether you’re building a simple eCommerce site to sell your products or a corporate eLearning site to train your employees, you can take advantage of UltraDev’s ability to handle multimedia.

To demonstrate UltraDev’s multimedia features, this chapter takes a look at the following:

  • UltraDev 4’s Assets panel

  • Creating dynamic buttons

  • Adding movies to your pages

  • Adding sounds to your pages



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