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Chapter 13. Managing Website Content Usi... > Administrating Contribute-Enabled Si...

Administrating Contribute-Enabled Sites in Dreamweaver

Again, because we're assuming the role of Wally the webmaster, our next step is to enable Contribute compatibility for our Dorknozzle website. When that's done, we'll want to set roles and delegate permissions for specific users (namely Ada, Cammy, and Tina) of the Dorknozzle site. To enable Contribute compatibility for the Dorknozzle site, follow these instructions:

Assuming that Dreamweaver is open, select the Manage Sites option from the Site menu. The Manage Sites dialog appears.

Choose the Dorknozzle site from the list and click Edit. The Site Definition for Dorknozzle dialog appears.

Select the Contribute category and select the Enable Contribute Compatibility check box. Dreamweaver displays two read-only labels (Rollback and CPS), the Site Root URL text box, and the Administer Site in Contribute button.

Enter the name of the URL for your organization's website in the Site Root URL text box. For Dorknozzle, that URL is http://www.dorknozzle.info. Obviously, yours will be different.


In our Dorknozzle scenario, the Local computer is represented as each individual developer's personal folder on their computer while the Remote folder is the physical location of the Dorknozzle files on the network (assuming that the web server is accessible on the network). For Contribute purposes, however, we enter the Site Root URL or, more specifically, the URL outside users use to view the Dorknozzle site (http://www.dorknozzle.info).

Click Test to force Dreamweaver to check connectivity. Once Dreamweaver connects to the Contribute site, a message appears similar to Figure 13.2.

Figure 13.2. Test the connection to the Site Root URL. If Dreamweaver can connect, it displays a message indicating such.



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