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Chapter 12. Building Dreamweaver Web Sit... > File View Column Sharing - Pg. 411

Building Dreamweaver Web Sites within Teams 411 Figure 12.12. The custom file view column appears with the numeric value 8 for index.htm . To prove that Dreamweaver uses the _notes folder for more than just Design Notes, open the folder that contains your files and examine the _notes folder. Notice that a new file called dwSiteCo- lumnsAll.xml is created and represents any custom file view columns we create. File View Column Sharing In the last couple of sections, you saw how easy it was to create custom Design Notes and custom file view columns. You also saw how easy it was to associate the custom column with the Design Note so that the note becomes viewable within the column in the Site Management window. Un- fortunately, our current configuration limits the file view column's visibility to just you. This becomes