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Q1:The named anchor that I want to link to is low enough on the page that I can't see it onscreen. How can I use the Point-to-File icon to reach it?
A1: If you drag the Point-to-File icon to either the top or the bottom of the Document window, the window scrolls. Hold the icon near the edge of the window until it has scrolled to the point where the named anchor is visible on the screen. Or first select the text that will be the hyperlink and then scroll down the page (carefully so as not to click on the window anywhere and deselect the text), and when you see the named anchor, grab the Point-to-File icon and drag it to the anchor.
Q2:I found a page on another site that I want to link to, but the URL is really long. Do I have to retype it in Dreamweaver?
A2: The easiest way to enter a lengthy URL is to copy the URL from the browser's address text box (by pressing Ctrl+C in Windows or Command+C on the Mac). You can then paste the URL into Dreamweaver's Link drop-down menu.
Q3:Is there any way to add a subject line into an email link?
A3: Yes! In the Dreamweaver Email Link dialog box, add a question mark immediately after the email address (no space) and then subject= and the subject that you want to appear. You can also add some text for the body of the email message by adding &body=. You can also simply edit the link in the Property inspector's Link drop-down menu. The link will look like this:
mailto:betsy@betsybruce.com?subject=Sams Teach Yourself 
Macromedia Dreamweaver in 24 Hours&body=I'm interesting in discussing this



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