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Chapter 20. Power Tips for Handling Digi... > Make the Picture Web Friendly - Pg. 338

Power Tips for Handling Digital Auction Pictures 338 Make the Picture Web Friendly BEFORE YOU BEGIN 141 Edit the Picture SEE ALSO 143 About Posting Pictures with the eBay Picture Service 144 About Using External Hosting for Your eBay Auction Pictures Editing your photo is only the first step in preparing your photo for eBay. You must also make the picture web friendly. The photo must be in a specific web-friendly format and must not be so large that it takes too long for people to download. Paint Shop Pro offers a great set of tools for making your photo ready for the Web. 1. Use a Web-Friendly Palette When people browse the Web, their monitors do not necessarily display colors and pictures accurately, because of variations in monitors and computer graphics systems. But you can use a web-friendly palette made up of colors designed to display properly on the Web, no matter what computer is viewing those photos. Palette--A group of colors used in a picture. Not all the colors in the palette are nec- essarily used in the picture, but the picture can use only the colors in the palette and no colors outside the palette. Paint Shop Pro can change any picture so it uses only colors from a web-friendly palette. Open KEY TERM