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Chapter 22. Advanced Tools for Sellers > Jazz Up Text and Headlines with HTML - Pg. 371

Advanced Tools for Sellers 371 · Describe your expertise, if any, in the category of the thing you're selling--Are you an expert in Depression glass? A collector of Nancy Ann dolls? If you have special expertise or are a collector of what you're selling, let people know that and then tell them why you value the item you're selling. Not only will it lend an authoritative voice to your auction, but other collectors will feel a kind of kinship with you and will be more likely to bid. You might also gain new friends with common interests in this way. TIP Some sellers like to use the ignoramus approach to selling--they say they have little ex- pertise about the item they have for sale, they got it from their divorced sister's aunt's grandmother, and so on. If bidders have specific questions, the seller tells them to email the questions and the seller will find the answer. This approach reassures buyers that the seller is not trying to misrepresent the item; additionally, the seller might feel that there's a way to get a bargain from someone who doesn't really know the high quality of the goods he's selling. Jazz Up Text and Headlines with HTML BEFORE YOU BEGIN 2 Use HTML Tags 6 About Proper HTML Coding 130 Write the Title and Description 131 Format Your Description with eBay's HTML Editor SEE ALSO