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Chapter 15. Integration with Complementi... > Optimizing an Image in Dreamweaver w...

Optimizing an Image in Dreamweaver with Fireworks

You may run into a situation when a graphic's file size is just too large. Instead of deleting the image in Dreamweaver, opening it in Fireworks to optimize and export it, and then finally re-importing it into Dreamweaver, you can use one simple command. Under the Command menu, you can optimize an image with Fireworks. To use this command successfully, follow these steps:

Be sure to have a document open with a graphic placed inside of it. Also, make sure you save the document before applying this command.

Highlight the graphic in the document. Choose Commands, Optimize Image in Fireworks. Your other option is to click on the c-clamp icon in the Properties Inspector. Both options will yield the same results, much like the previous example. It automatically launches Fireworks.

When Fireworks opens, a dialog box similar to the one in the previous exercise asks you the source of the image. Choose Use This File to accept the defaults. This launches the Optimize window.

In this dialog box are three tabs. You can manipulate the graphic in any way through this dialog box. After you're happy with the settings, click the Update button.

After clicking the Update button, you exit Fireworks and return to Dreamweaver. Notice that the image has automatically been updated.



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