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Chapter 4. Dreamweaver MX 2004 Essential... > Inserting Images into a Dreamweaver ...

Inserting Images into a Dreamweaver Document

Placing an image into a document is one of the most common tasks you'll be performing in your Web development. Luckily, the task is also one of the easiest to perform inside the application.

Inserting an Image into a Document

Follow these steps to see how you can insert an image into your Web page. You can use any image you'd like for this exercise, or you can download the file from this book's companion Web site at http://www.dreamweavermxunleashed.com. Use the logo for the file called logo_gato.gif in the Chapter 4 section of the site.

After downloading the file, save it to the desktop of your computer.

Create a new basic HTML document. Choose File, Save As and save it as first_image.html in your local root folder.

Click the Insert Image button in the Common Section of the Insert panel. You can also choose Insert, Image. This launches the Select Image Source dialog box. It defaults to your Default Images folder for your Web site, but you can select files from other locations.

In the Select Image Source dialog box, navigate to the current folder you are working with and highlight the logo_gato.gif file. Click Choose (Mac) or Select (Windows) to select the file. Notice that the image now appears in the document, as shown in Figure 4.36.

Figure 4.36. After you select an image from the Select Image Source dialog box, the image appears in the document.

When an image is placed within an HTML document, an <img> tag is used, and it will source the location of the image you want to have appear in the document. Notice that Dreamweaver made a copy of the image we sourced from the desktop and placed it inside the default images folder. This way, if we ever move our file onto a server, the HTML won't be sourcing an image that's outside the root folder.

If you do not have a default images folder defined in your site, you will get a dialog box indicating that the file is outside the local root folder and asking you to make a copy there. Make a copy into your local root folder.



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