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Part III: Content Components—The Basics

Part III: Content Components—The Basics

This part deals with the creation and basic functionality of content objects. So that the chapters flow well, they are all guided by the creation of a simple message board application.

Chapter 13: Writing New Content Objects

This chapter describes how to implement a new simple content component/object.

Chapter 14: Adding Views for Content Objects

This chapter demonstrates various methods of creating browser-specific views for a component.

Chapter 15: Custom Schema Fields and Form Widgets

This chapter basically tells you how to implement your own field and corresponding widget. It then demonstrates how this field and widget can be used in a content object.

Chapter 16: Securing Components

Zope 3 comes with an incredible security system, but the best system is only as good as the end developer using it. This chapter gives some hands-on tips and tricks on how to make your code secure.

Chapter 17: Changing Size Information

This chapter describes a small interface for content objects that allows you to display them and compare their size. The interface is implemented as an adapter for the content components.

Chapter 18: Internationalizing Packages

This chapter gives step-by-step instructions on how to internationalize the application you developed in the previous chapters and how to create a German translation for it.



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