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Part IV: Content Components—Advanced Techniques

Part IV: Content Components—Advanced Techniques

Having a well-working basic message board is great, but it certainly isn't the greatest invention ever. This part presents some more advanced APIs.

Chapter 19: Events and Subscribers

Events and subscribers are a very powerful idea. This chapter explains how to write your own event subscribers by implementing a mail subscription feature for messages.

Chapter 20: Approval Workflow for Messages

This chapter shows how to integrate an editorial workflow for a content component.

Chapter 21: Providing Online Help Screens

Every good application should have online help screens; in this chapter you'll learn how to implement them.

Chapter 22: Object-to-Filesystem Mapping, Using FTP as an Example

Although there are standard hooks for content objects to be handled by FTP, it is often useful to write your own FTP handlers so that the file-to-object conversion (and vice versa) seems more natural.

Chapter 23: Availability of Content via XML-RPC

If you want to make XML-RPC calls on your content objects, you must write a view that declares the methods and define how their output is mapped to a type that XML-RPC understands.

Chapter 24: Developing New Skins

This chapter gives instructions on how to implement a new skin, so that you can develop sites that do not look like the Zope Management Interface but still allow you to make use of the autogeneration of forms.



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