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Part VI: Advanced Topics

Part VI: Advanced Topics

Not everything you ever want to develop is a component that you want to allow the user to add and manipulate. This part contains a collection of chapters that deal mainly with packages outside zope.app that are often useful both inside and outside Zope 3.

Chapter 33: Writing New ZCML Directives

This chapter discusses how new directives can be added to a ZCML namespace, using metadirectives as well as how to create a new namespace from scratch.

Chapter 34: Implementing TALES Namespaces

In Zope 3, Zope page templates (that is, TALES expressions) can contain namespaces to provide easier access to an object's data and metadata. Although Zope 3 provides a zope namespace, it is sometimes extremely helpful to develop your own namespace to expose your product-specific API.

Chapter 35: Changing Traversal Behavior

As in Zope 2, in Zope 3 you can change the traversal (lookup) behavior for an object, except that this functionality is much more flexible in Zope 3.

Chapter 36: Registering New WebDAV Namespaces

WebDAV is allowed to store and request any namespace on any resource. However, you want to have some control over the namespaces and their values. This chapter explains how to bind Zope 3 attributes and annotations to WebDAV namespaces.

Chapter 37: Using TALES Outside Page Templates

TALES is a powerful expression mechanism that certainly does not find use only in page templates. This chapter describes how to incorporate TALES into your own Python applications and scripts.

Chapter 38: Developing New TALES Expressions

TALES is powerful in itself, but you can make it even more powerful by implementing custom expressions. This chapter explains step-by-step how to create a SQL expression.

Chapter 39: The Life of a Request

This chapter shows a request's exciting journey through the server, publisher, and publication frameworks.



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