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12. Copy or Move Text

Often, editing text on a page is not so much a job of typing new text or replacing old text, but rather juggling bits and pieces of existing content. In such cases, copying and moving text can save you typing time and can also help you avoid adding new typos.

Select the Text to Copy or Move

Select the text by placing the mouse pointer at the start of the text you want to select, clicking and holding the mouse button and then dragging to the end of the text. When all the text you want to copy or move is selected, release the mouse button.

Choose Edit, Copy or Edit, Cut

If you choose Edit, Cut or press Ctrl+X to cut the text before moving it, the selected text disappears. If you choose Edit, Copy or press Ctrl+C, the selection remains. In both cases, the selected text is placed in the computer's temporary memory. On a Mac, -C copies text and -V cuts text.


If you want a faster way to perform steps 2 and 4, try the keyboard commands. For step 2, Ctrl+C (on a Mac, +C) copies and Ctrl+X (on a Mac, +V) cuts (for moving).

Click the Destination Spot

Click where you want the text to go to position the insertion point there.

Choose Edit, Paste


If the block of text you're copying or moving contains hyperlinks, pictures, or other content besides text, that content is also moved or copied when you choose Edit, Paste. If you want to copy or move just the text, leaving out any other content in the selection, paste by choosing Edit, Paste Text Only.

From the menu bar, choose Edit, Paste. The text you copied or cut in step 2 appears at the insertion point, moving the existing text to the right to make room.

In this example, you can see that I selected the entire first paragraph under the “Project Overview” heading in the document and moved it (cut it and pasted it) to the bottom of the document. Note that all the original paragraph's formatting was preserved because I selected the entire paragraph.

You can paste the text you copied or moved in step 2 as many times as you want by repeating steps 3 and 4.

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