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Chapter 2. Connecting to a Web Page to Edit It > Delete a Connection - Pg. 23

Connecting to a Web Page to Edit It 23 Delete a Connection Before You Begin 1 About Connections 2 Import a Connection Key Over time, you might accumulate a whole collection of connections. This isn't really a problem, but you'll find that Contribute's performance slows down when you have too many active connections, and you might find connecting to just the site you want more cumbersome if you have old, unused connections lying around. For that reason, it's good to know how to delete connections you no longer need. Note that deleting a connection does not remove the Web site itself; it just removes the connection information from your computer. 1. Close Drafts TIP If multiple connections are slowing down Contribute, but you don't want to delete any, you can temporarily disable connections to speed things up (see 6 Disable Connec- tions). Close any open drafts first by clicking the Cancel button. You can't delete a connection to a site that's open. Open the Connections Dialog Box Open the My Connections dialog box by choosing Edit, My Connections (in Windows) or Con- tribute, My Connections (on a Mac). Choose a Connection to Delete From the list of connections, click the one you want to delete. 2. 3.