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Chapter 17. Web Application Preparation > Setting Up the Application Server - Pg. 349

Web Application Preparation 349 If you click the Start button and go to Apache HTTP Server, Control Apache Server, you'll see the different commands for controlling the server. You can · · · · Start the Apache Web Server. Stop the Apache Web Server. Restart a stopped Apache Web Server. Monitor Apache Servers (this controls error and access logging on your server). In upcoming pages, as you install a database and middleware, you will learn how to alter Apache's configuration files. These alterations are necessary for the Web server to properly execute JSP, PHP, or other middleware code. Setting Up the Application Server The application server consists of the middleware and database. Regardless of the options you use in both cases, both components of the application server need to be able to talk to each other and to the Web server. What this means is that you must have a Web server up and running first before you install any middleware or database software. It also means that after you get any middleware and database components working, you'll need to configure your Web server software to recognize and talk to these components. The following sections walk you through these installation and configuration procedures. PHP/MySQL