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Chapter 7. Framesets > Saving Framesets

Saving Framesets

After you set up the document, and you have as many frames as you would like present in the frameset, it's a good idea to save your work. The best way to save your document is to use the Save All Frames option under the File menu.

Using Save All Frames

This exercise will help you understand how frames should be saved and help prevent any problems in the future. It's very important to have a site defined in Dreamweaver when following these steps.

Create a new document, and in the New Document dialog box, be sure to choose frameset under the category side of the dialog box. Choose Fixed Left Nested Top for the frameset style. Click OK. This brings you back to the document, and it will be divided to reflect your frameset choice.

After setting a frameset in a way you like, choose File, Save All. This opens the Save All Frames dialog box.

It's important to note that a border surrounds the entire document, as shown in Figure 7.10. This border represents which HTML document in the frameset you're about to save. In this case, because the border is surrounding the entire document, you're about to save the parent frame. Name the document parent.html, unless you intend to have the frameset load when someone first visits the site; if that's the case, name it index.html. Click Save.

Figure 7.10. The Save As dialog box is active with a border surrounding the entire document. This means the parent frame is about to be saved.

After you click Save, the Save As dialog box remains visible; however, the border now surrounds the main or larger portion of the frameset, as shown in Figure 7.11. Name this frame main.html and click Save.

Figure 7.11. After you save the parent frame, notice the border that surrounds the larger frame, indicating which document is about to be saved.

After you click Save, the Save As dialog box is still active; however, this time the left frame has a border surrounding it. Save this file as left.html and click the Save button. It's a good idea to gives these frames a logical name based on their position in the document. It will make targeting links to them a lot easier.

The top frame is the one with the border around it. Call this top.html in the Save As dialog box and click Save.



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