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Chapter 5. Creating Tables > Sorting Tables

Sorting Tables

Many times in Web development, tables are used to display data. Perhaps you have an interest in arranging the data in alphabetic order, or maybe you want to have numbers appear in an ascending or descending list. All this is possible with the Sort Tables command. To sort a table, use the Sort Table command, as shown in the following steps:

Select the table you want to sort. The best way to select a table is to place a blinking cursor in one of the cells and either Ctrl+Click (Mac) or right-click and choose Select Table from the context menu.

Choose Commands, Sort Table. This opens the Sort Table dialog box, as shown in Figure 5.22.

Figure 5.22. In the Sort Table dialog box, you can sort the table numerically or alphabetically in ascending or descending order.

Choose the primary column that you wish to sort.

Next set the primary sorting option to either numeric or alphabetic sorting.

Choose which order you want the sort to be performed, either ascending or descending order.

If you want to perform additional sorts, repeat steps 3 through 5 for the Then section of the dialog box.

You might want to select the check box for including the first row, if your table doesn't have a header section. If you formatted your table with alternating row colors, you should check the Keep TR attribute option.

Choose OK to perform the sort.



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