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The Workshop area is meant to reinforce your reading with a series of questions and exercises.


Q1: Can I use a text link rather than a button to submit a form?
A1: Yes. You can use a link to "javscript:document.forms[<yourformindex>]. submit()" to get around having to use the Form button.
Q2:I inserted the form elements onto the page, but when I look at it in my browser, I see nothing. It looks fine in Dreamweaver MX's design view. What's going on?
A2: You've left out the <form> tag. If the <form> tag is missing, some browsers don't bother to render the fields on the page. Dreamweaver MX will warn you if you attempt to insert form elements without a <form> tag, but it won't prevent you from doing so. Additionally, the <form> tags that Dreamweaver adds for you might not automatically encompass all the fields on your page, so be careful!
Q3:Why doesn't Dreamweaver MX handle multiple field primary keys?
A3: Dreamweaver MX relies on a very specific set of conditions being true in order to generate code in a point-and-click manner. If these conditions aren't met, the code will need to be customized, or a workaround will be needed. As you might have noticed, the server behaviors are set up to work with single field primary keys. Go over this limit, and you'll need to edit the generated code by hand.
Q4:When will I get to attach the other form elements to a database?
A4: Soon. Many of the projects in the last week will push Dreamweaver MX to its limits. If you're anxious to get started, go ahead and practice with the other elements now. The interface is very similar to what you've already worked with, and you should have no problem connecting other elements to your document recordsets.



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