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The Workshop area is meant to reinforce your reading with a series of questions and exercises.


Q1: Why haven't I heard of PHP?
A1: PHP is a reasonably new language, but its adoption rate is phenomenal; so much so that Macromedia added it in Dreamweaver MX. It, like many other popular Internet technologies, is developed as a collaborative effort, not as a company's product. Unfortunately, until Macromedia fully supports the language, it isn't the best choice for beginners.
Q2:Why are there so many different embedded languages?
A2: Everyone has a favorite language. Embedding those languages into HTML is the next logical step for creating Web applications. JSP is aimed at Java developers. ASP is aimed at those who have worked in Visual Basic. ColdFusion and PHP are two of the few “original” languages born solely for the purpose of creating Web sites.
Q3:Are you saying I shouldn't run a Windows-based server?
A3: Not at all. The IIS product is excellent and much easier to use than Apache. Its greatest drawback is the number of exploits (bugs) that have appeared in recent months. As long as you keep your system up–to-date, you'll have no problems!
Q4:You can't seriously use a Macintosh as a real server, can you?
A4: Yes. Mac OS X is based on a very robust kernel architecture and UNIX base. Previously, running a server on the Macintosh was a less-than-enjoyable experience. Today it is just as reasonable as using Windows XP or any other commercial UNIX system for a standalone solution.



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