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The Workshop area is meant to reinforce your reading with a series of questions and exercises.


Q1: Do I have to use Live Data previews in order to design a site?
A1: Absolutely not. The Live Data preview works best on low latency networks and fast systems. If you are stuck using a dial-in line and don't have a local Web server that contains a copy of the content, the Live Data preview will really slow down your development. You can design without live data, but you'll need to get used to the abstract recordset.fieldname representation of the live data.
Q2:What attributes can be bound to dynamic data?
A2: Any attribute of an HTML object can be bound to dynamic data. Even if the attribute cannot be bound using the Bindings panel, the Tag Inspector still makes it possible.
Q3:What sorts of data can be stored in a database?
A3: Dreamweaver MX can only handle data stored as text. There are currently no provisions for handling binary data such as images. That doesn't mean, however, that you can't use the database to provide references to the objects.
Q4:What do I do if the Dreamweaver MX-generated code becomes “confused”?
A4: The easiest way to solve this problem is to avoid it completely. Dreamweaver MX will try to warn you if it thinks you're about to do something that will corrupt the automatically maintained source code. As a general rule of thumb, always use the Server Behaviors panel to handle removing database-driven code from your Web page.



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