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Week: 3 At a Glance > In Review

Week 3. In Review

This week's lessons introduced you to new and different ways of using and combining the Dreamweaver MX behaviors. There are still many areas where the projects can be improved, however. Try revisiting the past week's projects and adding the following features:

Day 16— Alter the message board system so that it allows the users to set a default password to use on all their messages. Store this value in a cookie by manually editing the code. You should be able to enhance the functionality even further using this cookie by allowing users to have one-click deleting of e-mail messages that they've posted.

Day 17— Add an administrative interface to the system so that the site content can be controlled from a centralized location. You might also want to add additional information that the users can customize. With the database structure developed in this chapter, the sky is the limit.

Day 18— Add an interface for the instructor to add questions to the database system. To make things more interesting, you can also add a point value system to the database so that questions can have different weights.

Day 19— The complex query system presents a good start on a fully functional matching system. In order to turn this into a more commercially viable system, you can add the capability for users to store messages directly in the private mailbox for other users. This is commonly used on systems that pair people together in order to protect their privacy and not distribute e-mail addresses publicly.

Obviously, you could expand many other portions of the projects. These are just a few additions that I think would be worthwhile and beneficial to the operation of the system.

I certainly hope that this book has been beneficial to you in using the Dreamweaver MX environment effectively. I've enjoyed developing project lessons that I feel are both useful and interesting. I hope you find them to be helpful in your Web programming endeavors. Remember to check out the http://www.cutelittledogs.com site for updates and corrections.

Good luck!

John Ray

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