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The Workshop area is meant to reinforce your reading with a series of questions and exercises.


Q1: Why shouldn't I show all the returned records in a recordset?
A1: Returning all the records in a recordset is fine for the limited applications that we've built so far, but consider what happens if a database contains a few thousand records? Displaying 2,000 thumbnail images on a single page is likely to slow a user's browser to a crawl.
Q2:How can I use the Next and Previous buttons to browse the entire database table rather than just a subset?
A2: The only reason that Next and Previous are constrained to a few records is because the recordset is defined by the search parameters. Using Next and Previous actions without any search parameters will cause the entire database table to become browseable.
Q3:Why didn't we use the Move To Specific Record option previously?
A3: The Move To Specific Record option is only needed if there are multiple records in the recordset. When we created the last detail record page, only a single record existed in the recordset—eliminating the need to go to a specific record.
Q4:What good are the Show Region behaviors except for navigation?
A4: You'll actually be surprised by how useful these regions can be, especially if you use them to create code that you later modify. For example, you can set up code that performs certain actions other than show regions. Create the basic framework using the server behavior to show/hide a generic region on the document, and then insert custom code into the document.



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