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Using the QuickTime Editor 323 Exercises Entering into the multimedia world of QuickTime editing can be overwhelming at first, but experiment by combining clips and adding sound and you will soon gain the confidence from experience to start utilizing movies on the Web. 1: If you can't find movies to manipulate, create your own. Choose New Special, QuickTime Movie from the File menu. Import .swf files with the Flash Track object in the Object Inspector, or add images with the Picture track to create a slide. 2: Combine movies by copying and pasting tracks from one timeline to another. Use the Two- Source filter to create transitions. 3: Create a page with a movie saved in three quality settings. In the text of the page, detail the settings and create links to the movies. Time the download from your computer. Note the differ- ences and save for future reference. Try on various platforms, browsers, and speeds.